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Date Posted: July 12th, 2017, 2:57 pm
oh snap she really need some help

Author Notes

First page of my first comic ! I'm a beginner so if you have any advice to help me I won't say no ! Also i'm french so my english isn't perfect, sorry if I made mistake, you can correct me.

If you don't understand my way of writing, here the script :
"I need help !"
"Is someone awake ?! Please I need help !"
"Who the fuck is yelling in the middle of the night ?!"
"The fuck..."
"It's me. Please I really need some help Larry !"
"I saw someone in the water..."
"He was inconscious so I brought him back on the shore. He's not alright I need a doctor, please help me !"


I say the panel design, the lineart and the shading are spectacular.
The characters seem to be colored more neatly than the backgrounds, though. It could just be me.
It was kinda hard to read the part where the bewott's talking about the unconscious person -
but the rest was fine
I like the front view with the eevee, but the eyes seem a little far apart on the Dewott's front view.
It was a little hard to figure out which way to go - perhaps panel padding (space in between comic panels) might clear it up.
Nice job! Expressions are spot on!
@WildfireK: Thanks ! Yeah I know something it's hard to read some part I will try to fix that ! I will change my pen ad pencils soon so maybe that will be better. Some people already told me that the panel orders were difficult to understand I will try to fix that too ^^
And thanks ! Sorry for my english, if I made mistake you can correct me because i'm french so sometimes the things I say are wrong but i'm trying to be understandable.

It's alright - it doesn't trip me up, so I'm fine with it -

And I faved your comic - but it's a quid pro quo. I favorite your comic, you favorite mine.

Just kidding XD don't fave it it's awful XP
Hope to see more from you!
@WildfireK: I'm gonna read your comic because i'm curious and I love to see the comics of the others people xD
Thanks ! The next update will be tomorrow I think because I already made the second page (but it's messy and they're too much panel on it x-x The second page is a disaster :,) )
Okay dokie
How much of a buffer do you have?

Thanks by the way
@WildfireK: Sorry I didn't understand because I don't know what "buffer" mean °^° ( because google translate say "stamp" so that's not really helping me to understand)
STAMP!? That's so hilariously wrong
Well unless there's a definition I don't know about
A "buffer" is an art term.
It's when you make pages ahead of time, before you post them, so in case something happens (like you can't make a page for some reason)
You can keep posting comics because you have extra pages.
Do you kind of get what I mean?
It's like a backup
I can tell you have a buffer because the second page is already complete
"Buffer" in normal vernacular means a deterrent or something that prevents harm - like a safety net
@WildfireK: Yeah google translate is the worst for translate thing :,) I think I understood now thanks ! Yeah the second page is almost done I just need to color it. So I have one of a buffer there just the second page but i'm gonna do the third page soon.