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Date Posted: August 2nd, 2017, 11:44 am

Author Notes

I messed up the face of Boogly in the 8th panel that's why Huss say that :,)

If you don't understand my way of writing, here the script :
"I guess you don't remember your name... That's a problem..."
"Maybe she's lying and she's a human but don't want to say it"
"I'm sure this guy have a problem"
"Huuu... Pretty sure that I'm not a human"
"They all say that !"
"Leave her alone Boogly"
"But kate, in the books the human always have amnesia and they join a rescue team with their friendand they save the world !"
"Even his face have a problem"


XD why does it ways come to faces?
@WildfireK: Sorry I didn't understand what you say ^^'
Blurgh sorry I'm on my phone and the keys are small so I keep misspelling words XP
What I meant was, "Why does it always come to faces?" Meaning, why do people are talk about people's faces when making fun of them? XD
OH MY GOSH WHY KEYS I misspelled "always" again and somehow put "are" instead. Sorry!
@WildfireK: Don't worry i'm misspelling word when I'm on my phone too :,)
And I don't know that's making fun of the face of someone is fun xD (in comics not in real life except if you're friend with the person that's logic)