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Date Posted: August 3rd, 2017, 11:43 am

Author Notes

The characters are a cameo of my characters : Emily and Flo and Eon and Odd
And yeah I did some english mistake sorry I will correct that in the script !

If you don't understand my way of writing, here the script :
"Wait... What's a "rescue team ?"
"How can you not know ?!"
"Boogly !"
"Okay okay sorry..."
"A rescue team is...Something totally AWESOME !"
"That wil not help her to understand..."
"Let me explain... A rescue team is, well that's simple, it's a group of at least two pokemon who rescue people"
"And an Exploration Team is a little bit different in some way... They're travelling the world. You have to be trained by a guild if you want to make a team."